Champagne Diamonds

About Champagne Diamonds:

Champagne diamonds are a part of the natural Brown diamonds family, it's main body color will be a light Brown and the secondary color will be tint of Yellowish. Champagne diamonds contain large amounts of nitrogen and during the diamond's formation the nitrogen becomes trapped in the diamond's structure. More amount of nitrogen equals bigger intensity of the Brown color. These diamonds consider to be complex to cut due to their fragile crystalline structure and abnormal shapes. Most of the natural Champagne diamond are being mined from the famous Argyle mine in western Australia.

Color Grading:

Champagne diamonds are being graded slightly different compare to other natural fancy color diamonds, GIA only define a Champagne diamonds as fancy light Yellow Brown or fancy light Yellowish Brown. On the other hand the Argyle mine grading system is a bit different, the starting range starts at C1 up to C7 where a C1 represents a light Champagne color and a C7 represents a dark Champagne color bordering the Cognac color. In general as darker as the Champagne diamond's color is being graded it consider to be more rare and highly priced.